Give Blood/Marrow

Help Save a Life- Donate Blood and Join “Be the Match”

It is thanks to the generosity of others – who donated blood – that I am still alive today. And for this gift of life, I feel immense gratitude.

I encourage you to give blood (check with your local hospital or blood drive center) and to join Be the Match to become registered with the National Bone Marrow Registry.  If others hadn’t done this for me, I wouldn’t be here today.

While at Kaiser Permanente hospital for 103 days receiving and recovering from three rounds of chemotherapy, I received approximately 30 blood transfusions of red blood cells and platelets.  Many, many thanks go out to the people who donated their blood to allow me to continue my recovery.

Because I did not go into remission after my first chemotherapy induction, my doctors told me that in order to be cured I need a bone marrow transplant (stem cell transplant).  I am very lucky that Stanford Cancer Center has worked with the National Bone Marrow Registry to find a donor for me!  I am so grateful to my donor (who is anonymous) for signing up with Be the Match, and donating stem cells so that I can live. This truly is a miracle – not everyone is so lucky – many blood cancer patients are not able to find a match.

You too can save a life – give blood and join Be the Match today. Thanks for your help.

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