Home Hospice

Deb has asked me to share this with you.  Sweet friends – after nearly 2 years of struggling with acute myeloid leukemia cancer, I am going on Home Hospice. This brings me peace, relief, and I feel the love even deeper.  Thank you all! The best way to support me now is ease and flow to the Great Spirit home. Namaste. Mahalo. Trust.

From Mary Lou:  I am so blessed and proud to have Deb, my beautiful, loving daughter, who has enriched my life in so many ways and given me so much joy.  I know from the many messages of praise and love for Deb that we receive that she has played a big role in the lives of countless people, and been an inspiration for many to follow their dreams.  Through my sadness I rejoice in Deb’s beautiful life which has been a gift to me.  Deb has battled her leukemia long and hard, and now has arrived at a feeling of peace.  I marvel at how she has handled her illness from the initial shock of the diagnosis, through the many ups and downs, and the difficult treatments and lengthy hospitalizations.  Deb has fought with intensity and given it her all, just as she has approached everything in her life.

We thank our friend and Spirit Rock teacher Debra Chamberlin Taylor, who has been a wonderful support to Deb, Andy and me over the past couple of months in guiding us through this process of transition. We thank our families and friends for the love and support you have provided, and are grateful to Deb’s closest friends for your devotion to Deb, being here so much to provide moral support, assistance, healing, and lots of love.

Thank you for keeping Deb in your prayers.
With love and gratitude,
Mary Lou

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12 Responses to Home Hospice

  1. Judy Graves says:

    My love Mary Lou to you and deb you’re both in my heart love Judy

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Cindy Winter says:

    Deb, I am with you in spirit, now and always. With admiration and love, Cindy

  3. Dahlia Kamesar says:

    Dearest Deb and Mary Lou,

    We too are relieved for you both.

    What gives you peace and loving ease

    Is reflected in our hearts for you.

    I don’t know if you have listened to Frank Ostaseski’s CD’s.

    You might find them comforting.

    So much love to you.

    Dahlia & Jack

  4. Frances & Linhard Reich says:

    Mary Lou, thank you for giving us Deb. Deb, thank you for sharing your pain and suffering, your joy and peace with us. Andy, thank you for being there for these two wonderful women that we have loved for many years. ‘Always here for you..
    Frankie & Linhard

  5. Diane Sherwood says:

    Love and peace to you, Deb, Andy and Mary Lou at this time.

  6. oot martin says:

    peace and love with you all on this journey

  7. Virginia Jackson says:

    So much love and prayers to you all courageous people! Always in my thoughts
    Knowing about you Deb, because I don’t know you, gives me courage to enjoy each
    day! Thank you with all the strength I

  8. Martha Roskowski says:

    Deb, Mary Lou and Andy,

    Peace and love and grace to all of you.

  9. Dianegempire@verizon.net says:

    My love ,support and prayers are with you deb and marylou.

  10. Deb we all love you deeply and think of you constantly and our minds and thoughts will be with you in your suffering and pain. You are a beautiful person. LOVE doug and gail

  11. jward78 says:

    Deb- You are forever in our love and prayers. Your inspiration, enthusiasm and love of life supports us now and always. We will carry on your mission with all our energy and dedication- as you have shown us. Peace be with you and your loved ones. Blessings. Namaste.

  12. Elisabeth Thomas-Matej says:

    “My throat is sore” John Wilbye
    No. 27 from “The 1st Set of Madrigals,” published 1598

    My throat is sore, my voice is hoarse with skriking [crying],
    My rests are sighs, deep from the heart’s root fetched;
    My song runs all on sharps, and with oft striking
    Time on my breast, I shrink with hands outstretched;
    Thus still, and still I sing, and ne’er am linning [ceasing],
    For still the close points to my first beginning.

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