I am still open to a miracle cure, but over the past few weeks I have finally come to acceptance that due to my severe health condition starting with leukemia 21 months ago, I may not have much time left on the Earth plane. This acceptance comes with deep sadness but also some relief, accepting reality as my body declines. Everyone will die someday.  I feel very vulnerable and also connected to source. I feel that I’m being guided.

I am so grateful for all of your love and prayers. Acceptance is the key to alleviating suffering. In the meantime I spend my time in bed and at hospitals. I try to be grateful for the wonderful life I’ve had, and small blessings like how the leaves dance on the trees outside my window and how Andy looks into my eyes and assures me we will always be connected.   Namaste.


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25 Responses to Acceptance

  1. Kath says:

    Dearest Deb…..Hope you are feeling all of the love and prayers, coming from every direction. You have given so much to so many and you deserve to feel the difference you have made. All of those paths that people pedal……those are forever paths, thanks to you. Your creative spirit has inspired your community, family and friends. Forever grateful, with Blessings to you.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Dear Deb please hold in your heart the knowledge that you have made a difference in the lives of millions of children in the U.S. I leave you with a link to a poem I heard Ian McHarg read to an audience in Seattle in 1999 called “A Poem to the World’s Children”. Shalom.

  3. Susie Weaver says:

    I love you Deb and think of you regularly, and hold you in my heart.

  4. Mary Pat King says:

    Deb, In my calendar above the “high priority” list is a prayer list. Your name is always the first one I write each week in that space. Many times a day in 2015, your name has crossed my thoughts and a prayer has been lifted for you and your loved ones. I hope the positive energy and gratitude so many feel for you and your contributions to the children and families of this world are reaching you in a way that brings joy, peace and love. Continuing to keep you at the top of my prayer list. All my best, Mary Pat King

  5. Doug J. says:

    Deb you have always amazed me with your strength and courage. I wish you peace and smiles on your path and honor your understanding of and compassion for yourself. -Doug

  6. Kath says:

    Dear Deb… continue be in my thoughts and prayers. The leaves are dancing on the trees here, on a breeze that I hope is reaching you, too. I imagine there are splashes of color in your window, from beautiful flowers in the garden. When the sun rises in the morning, may there be blue skies. It is always a beautiful surprise when the sun sets, as we never know how the clouds and colors will mix together! I wish the sparkle of stars for you and hope that the moonbeam shines that magical light. If rain should tap on the window pain, let there be a shimmering rainbow in the distant sky. May your window bring you delightful glimpses, along with the comfort and joy of having Andy and your Mom seeing this through your eyes.

  7. Becky Crowe says:

    Deb, Please know that I’m praying for you. Your energy is an inspiration and you are a lasting legacy. Keep your faith in God and know that the Lord’s love for you is forever.

  8. marian houston says:

    Dear Deb and Mary Lou, Your latest blog posts saddens me because I read between the lines of what you are saying. We all do still wish and pray for a miracle and missing that — that you are comfortable and know how much you are loved!

    Here are some thoughts and a poem I hope you will find comforting:

    I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. Sarah Williams,from The Old Astronomer to His Pupil.
    Death leaves a heartache nothing can fill. Love leaves a memory nothing can steal.

    WHAT COUNTS is how you behave while DEATH lets you live, and how you meet death when life releases you.

    It Is Enough by Anne Alexander Bingham
    To know that the atoms
    of my body
    will remain

    to think of them rising
    through the roots of a great oak
    to live in
    leaves, branches, twigs

    perhaps to feed the
    crimson peony
    the blue iris
    the broccoli

    or rest on water
    freeze and thaw
    with the seasons

    some atoms might become a
    bit of fluff on the wing
    of a chickadee
    to feel the breeze
    know the support of air

    and some might drift
    up and up into space
    star dust returning from

    whence it came
    it is enough to know that
    as long as there is a universe
    I am a part of it.
    “It Is Enough” by Anne Alexander Bingham.

  9. Caroline Mozingo (Dickson) says:

    Deb – I am sending the warmest, most sincere notions of love and peace from Chapel Hill. You helped welcome me into the world of Safe Routes to School with respect, aplomb and excitement (including on the dance floor of that ferry in Chattanooga), and for that I will always be grateful. Thank you! I’m thinking of you and your family daily.

  10. jamie bussel says:

    Dearest Deb,
    You have been close in my heart, thoughts and prayers over the past 21 months. You have faced this unbelievable challenge with strength, courage, determination, and grace- just as you have tackled everything in your life worth fighting for. You are and always will be a force and leader in the movement for healthy kids and healthy communities. I am blessed to have collaborated with you on so much work; to have learned from you, and been inspired by you. I consider our work together some of the most important in my career. I know so much has been taken from you, but hope and love can never be taken. I am proud to know you and call you my friend. Sending you, Andy, your mom and family my love, thoughts, and prayers. With deep gratitude, Jamie

  11. Elisabeth Thomas-Matej says:

    Deb, I am grateful that you are still with us and want to thank you for this chance to hear you and reach out. I wish with all my heart that you might stay on Earth for decades more and resume doing everything you love, with all the people you love. For now, I offer the song at the link below, in hopes that it echoes your state of mind and will sound joyous and peaceful to your ears.

    “Brethren Farewell” (or “Christians Farewell”)
    Second Ireland Sacred Harp Convention, 2012:


  12. Bev Brody says:

    Deb! The love I feel for you is unmeasurable! Your decision to accept ‘what is’ and at the same time be open to a miracle is nothing short of inspirational. I just lost my dad a week ago and now he is dancing with angels. My wish for you is to dance with angels on this earth plane…but if that is not meant to be, my wish for you is to be at peace. I love you with all my heart. My life is richer for having you in it. And as we say in Hawaii… A hui hou (until we meet again). And we will! Hopefully on a Kayak trip up the Wailua River! Love Bev!

  13. Cindy Winter says:

    Dear, dear Deb — Your clarity of vision, and your grace, when in health and when ill, and now facing the ultimate change — inspires us all. Your work lives on in countless advocates. You’ve taken up residence in our hearts, a little voice whispering, “Yes, you can do it!” — whatever that “it” might be. With deepest gratitude for that precious legacy, and with love. Cindy

  14. Marty Martinez says:

    Serenely smiling

  15. ariadne says:

    Deb, Thank you for sharing your inner soul and heart and mind. Enlightenment! You have reached a place in your heart and mind that we all hope to reach one day too. I so remember you taking charge at every National Bike Summit and I admired your dedication and passion then and now in the present time more than ever. May you find comfort and strength in knowing you are much loved, respected and adored. You exude the essence of pure spirituality. I feel honored you are my friend. Peace and Love to you and your family.

  16. Kath says:

    Dearest Deb….you will always have the ultimate miracle of a blessed connection, with those you love, as well as those who love you in return. May the warmth, comfort and energy of that love, guide you on your Grandest Travels. You have provided so many people with the freedom and beauty to travel the open roads and that is your blessing to all, each and everyday. Prayers, Hugs and Love surround you, today and always

  17. Michele Uy says:

    Dear beautiful Deb, there is so much I want to say. So much I want to tell you. Like how you have touched me in ways you could never know. You have given me pause, given me strength, shown me beauty, love, understanding and acceptance in a way no one else ever could. I want so much to hug you and tell you I love you and thank you.

    Your light shines so bright. As if you are a beacon for all of us.

    You are always in my thoughts, prayers and my heart. I hate that you are suffering and in any pain. My love to you forever. Michele ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Wendy Landman says:

    Dear Deb – Thank you so much for your grace at this moment, and thank you so much for all that you brought to the big wide world. As a community we were so lucky to have you in our midst, as an individual your passion touched my life and the lives of so many shared colleagues. I send my love and smiles. – Wendy

  19. Lauren Marchetti says:

    I am so much richer for the time we spent working together over the last ten years. You showed me the power of the passion of an advocate. I will hold closely what you taught me. My love to you.

  20. jward78 says:

    We love you Deb- We will always connect with you, be inspired by you, and carry on your missions with our last breath. Physical presence is what we all are most familiar with, but the spiritual world connects all through love and is infinite. Peace and blessings to you always. prayers from the Ward-Wallers

  21. Don Herzog says:

    Deb, you have fought as hard and and bravely as humanly possible. You have been in my thoughts daily and I am unbearably sad at the thought of losing you. You have made the world a better place and I wish you peace and freedom from pain and suffering..

  22. Joanne OConnor says:

    Dear Deb,What a beautiful message. I sense that you have been given a feeling of peace and love along with acceptance. This can only come from from your spirituality and faith in what I call my God or your “Source”. I feel in my heart that you will be surrounded with great love and joy and beauty because you are brave and beautiful. No more struggle or pain just overwhelming joy. You will always be close to those you love and feel their love for you. You are an inspiration to all. Joanne

  23. Marigene Bleasdale says:

    My love my little girl. I love you so.

  24. tedbrb says:

    Our prayers continue Deb and believe God’s will for you allows the peace that passes all understanding.

  25. While I pray for your miracle, Deb, I also pray that you aren’t in pain, physically or emotionally. You’ve touched so many lives, Deb, and made a difference in vast communities across the country, and continue to inspire those around you. I’m so proud to know you, Deb.

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