Revisiting the Hospital

One thing Deb really hoped to avoid was going back into the hospital.  For the past 7 weeks at home, Andy and I have done everything we could to keep that from happening.  We’ve made sure that Deb receives all her medications, nebulizers and oxygen as needed, gets daily exercise, and we tried to keep her comfortable, hydrated, and focused on eating and keeping her food down.  With the many complexities of Deb’s leukemia, this is not always so easy to do.  Her persistent cough often leads to a gag reflex which causes her food to come up, which in turn makes it difficult for her to put weight back on.  Her blood counts have been dropping at a faster rate recently, which means more trips to the hospital for transfusions.  While Deb was in the ER for her most recent platelet transfusion, they took a chest x-ray which showed an area suspicious of pneumonia.  Although Deb is on multiple oral antibiotics already, the best treatment for pneumonia is IV antibiotics, so she was re-admitted to Kaiser Permanente Hospital on Monday night so these could be administered.  She was also in need of a red cell transfusion which she received on Tuesday.

It’s possible that the donor cell infusion which Deb had on April 1 could be causing some of these issues.  It came with the risk of getting worse before getting better, including lower blood counts and greater chance of infection.  It’s a little sooner than we anticipated this to occur so it’s hard to tell what the cause is.  Deb has been running fevers for over a month now, and they persist.

Please join us in praying that Deb’s hospital stay will be short so she can return soon to the comfort of her home to continue her recovery.  Thanks for your continued love and support.

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9 Responses to Revisiting the Hospital

  1. Judy Graves says:

    Hey Mary Lou and Deb sorry you haven’t heard from me for a while but I fell and broke my right arm of course the one I write with so forgive me but I have been thinking of all of you and praying so hard I love you all and Andy. Mary Lou we didn’t know each other for that long about two years that we saw each other but you really really made an impact on me you and your family. I love you all and wish you so much good alright take care love Judy

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  2. Joanne OCConnor says:

    Deb is so very brave. I continue to think of you and remember her in my prayers. Joanne

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  3. Beth Richards says:

    Many positive thoughts and holding you all in a warm, loving, healing light.

  4. Laura Cohen says:

    Sending warm, healing wishes to you Deb, & to your loving husband, mom & caretakers. Thinking if you often & looking forward to seeing you soon. 💜💛

  5. Marian houston says:

    We do, oh we surely & sincerely do pray that this hospital visit will be short and successful. Much love & hope

  6. Cindy Winter says:

    Yes, my heartfelt prayers and wishes for a short hospital stay and then — at home for good! Cindy

  7. jward78 says:

    love and prayers coming your way. You and your caregivers are heros. Please feel our blessings.

    Love from the Ward-Waller family

  8. Praying for DEB and giving all the Karma that we have. Lots of love and a return to help and donor cells helping. LOVE

  9. Pam says:

    Sending love and healing thoughts to all of you, especially our dear Deb. Love, Pam

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