ICU Update

It’s been a tough week for Deb — and Andy and me too.  Saturday morning Deb’s breathing tube was removed and she is completely off the ventilator and breathing on her own.  However she is still experiencing labored breathing and coughing, and remains in ICU.  Deb has considerable pain and discomfort from her breathing difficulties and is on medications to help ease the pain, but they also keep her somewhat sedated.  We are encouraged that Deb’s white blood counts and hemoglobin have been rising daily.  Her platelets are lagging behind, but they are usually the last to recover.  We will be closely watching Deb’s blood counts for continued recovery over the next week.

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and love. The past week has been really difficult for all of us.

Mary Lou

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12 Responses to ICU Update

  1. Leslie Meehan says:

    Sending love and healing from Tennessee!!! We think and pray for you all around the the clock. Andy – not sure how else to get in touch with you, but wanted to let you know that I mailed a wedding gift to your address last week. It’s something that Deb can also use at the hospital. Just wanted you to know as I am sure it’s been some time since you have been home.

  2. Judy Graves says:

    Love and prayers to all of you. All three of you are Amazing!!! Love Judy

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Ken Rose says:

    Sending positive energy to keep fighting from all of your colleagues at CDC along with prayers and good thoughts.

  4. Diane Sherwood says:

    Sending thoughts of peace and healing to you.

  5. Cindy Winter says:

    As always, I am grateful for your posts at these difficult times. My heart reaches out to all three of you.

  6. Hope Zincone says:

    I am still praying for all of you, especially, Deb. Faith and strength will get you all through this bad spell. I know Deb is a huge fighter and she will beat this. I pray daily for all of you.

  7. jward78 says:

    Deb, Mary Lou and Andy- So happy to hear you are making progress and the blood counts are climbing. We are imagining you leading yoga retreats and out cycling again. KEEP HEALING!

    Love from DC, Steve Waller and Jane Ward

  8. ariadne says:

    Thank you Mary Lou for the update, Sending prayers and strength to all of you during this challenging time. May you find comfort knowing you have an community of friends that love you all very much, draw on that love. Just take it one day at a time and be mindful of in and out breathing to infuse new energy and strength into your day.


  9. Ted Barber says:

    Our prayers continue that Deb will get through this difficult time fast and be able to enjoy life. We also pray for the caretakers.
    Ted and the Honors Class

  10. readingrisa says:

    I agree with Mikaela. We are holding all of you in our thoughts and prayers. It’s easy to see where Deb gets her strong spirit from. A big thanks to you, Andy and all of her dedicated support team (friends and nurses/doctors alike). And hugs to Deb as she summons her determination and positivity to get through this. With love, Risa W.

  11. Mikaela Randolph says:

    I can’t imagine how exhausting this must be for you Mary Lou!! Keeping you all in prayer for strength!! Thanks for the updates!! Peace and blessings!!

  12. jeanww says:

    Hang in there Mary Lou and Andy, and GO Deb! Sending all my positive energy to those blood cells to keep perking up and fight off this infection. I imagine you strong and healthy Deb, keep healing!! Love and hugs, Jeanie

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