Making Progress

Last night the doctor lowered the sedation level for Deb, and she became fully awake and alert and communicated with us by writing questions.  This morning they did a spontaneous breathing trial by turning the ventilator off and allowing Deb to breathe on her own.  She was able to breathe, but she still has wheezing and bronchial spasms and the doctor says it is too soon to remove the tube today.  They will likely do another trial tomorrow.

Andy and I were so happy to see Deb awake and clear.  Her first written question was “What Happened?”  She understands she is in ICU and has a breathing tube, and she agreed that she still needs the tube to assist her breathing.  They will continue to adjust her sedation levels during the day to give her awake time but also to ensure that she continues to get enough rest.

Deb, Andy and I thank you all for your prayers and concern.

Mary Lou

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4 Responses to Making Progress

  1. Laura Cohen says:

    So pleased to hear things are improving & I hope you get off that ventilator soon. I think of you all the time & send love & healing thoughts to you. Best wishes to Andy & your mom as well.

  2. Wonderful news!!! Keep improving DEB! Love and strength to you.

  3. Cindy Winter says:

    Thank you, Mary Lou, for your better news. All of us who know Deb here in Marin are praying for her each and every day (and more often, I think, if a survey were done). We are with her! And with you and Andy.


  4. Virginia Kettenring says:

    Thank for happier report. All take care,
    Ginny of Hershey’s Mill

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