Deb Moved to ICU

Deb has been having difficulty breathing for some time, and edema (swelling) in her lower legs, feet and abdomen.  A CT scan of her chest was done yesterday afternoon looking for a cause for her breathing difficulty, and the results were negative.  After the CT scan, Deb was unresponsive and her breathing extremely weak.  The nurses immediately activated the Code Blue emergency response team and they arrived in seconds.  They were unable to improve her breathing to a satisfactory level, and Deb was placed on a ventilator (breathing machine).

Deb was moved to ICU and is still on the ventilator and resting peacefully and sleeping deeply for the first time in weeks. She is being kept sedated so she will not feel the discomfort from the ventilator tube and to give her rest.  The good news is that Deb is responsive; she never stopped breathing.  When Andy and I speak to her she opens her eyes, turns her head and looks at us.  She is unable to talk because of the tube in her mouth.  On Thursday morning the doctor plans to do a spontaneous breathing trial to determine if Deb is able to breathe on her own and have the ventilator removed.

The doctors are encouraged by Deb’s responsiveness and we expect this to be a temporary situation.  As always, please keep your love and prayers for Deb coming her way.

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9 Responses to Deb Moved to ICU

  1. Lydia Voigt says:

    Praying constantly and hoping Deb will be out of ICU in no time at all!! Deb is one very strong gal and all of us are pulling for her at Hershey’s Mill.

  2. readingrisa says:

    Thank you for letting us know what’s happening, Mary Lou. Please let Deb know her cheerleaders are still rallying for her full return to health. She can do this!!!

  3. Sending love and healing light and a boost for Deb’s strength and continued recovery. She is in my mind and heart every day.

  4. Joanne jacob says:

    Deb has certainly demonstrated her strength before, and she seems to be fighting desperately to overcome this
    setback. I pray for all of you.

  5. ariadne says:

    Sending much love and strength to all of you, thank you for sharing the update with us. She is surrounded by incredible supporters and special nurses who know you are a very special person and loved by so many. Deb–you inspire all of us with your will and fortitude–off the charts!


  6. jward78 says:

    Love and healing light coming to you Deb. All our positive energy for you- love from the Ward-Waller family

  7. Ted Barber says:

    The prayers of the Honor Class continue.

  8. Candace says:

    ❤️ keep fighting Deb!

  9. YES HOPE A Very Temporary situation!!! She will be strong and recover!!! MARY LOU you and Andy and Tara sure have been wonderful for your help for Wonderful Deb!! Love and health and lots of good KARMA to DEB!!!

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