Challenging Times

Deb’s chemo treatments were from Jan. 7-11.  The side effects set in the second week, and she continues to deal with other challenging issues – breathing difficulties, coughing, fever, and low blood counts with frequent platelet and red cell transfusions.  The off and on fever indicates an infection, but it has been hard for the doctors to determine where the infection is, despite X-rays, CT scan, MRI, blood cultures and more.  Deb is taking many antibiotics and other meds to help treat any infection that may be there.

Deb is fatigued from the frequent coughing and breathing difficulties which make it hard for her to get much sleep –and add to that the constant hospital interruptions, and she is quite exhausted.  It’s hard for me to see my vibrant energetic Deb with so little energy.

On the positive side, Deb’s white blood counts went from zero (where they had been for several days) up to 0.1.  It may not sound like much, but it’s a step in the right direction.  As Deb’s counts continue to rise over the next couple of weeks, it will boost her immune system, her body will get more energy, and she will be able to better fight any infection that may be there.

Thanks as always for all your prayers, concern, cards and messages.  Deb is not able to respond to you at this time but please know that everything is very much appreciated.

Mary Lou

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8 Responses to Challenging Times

  1. Joanne OCConnor says:

    Please give her my love and tell her I am praying for her. Joanne

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  2. readingrisa says:

    Challenging times for Deb and for you, Andy and all of the family. You all remain in my daily thoughts and prayers. I continue to envision Deb’s strong spirit rising up to remain victorious. Thanks for keeping us updated. Love to all! Risa

  3. marian houston says:

    GOSH, what a struggle, what a fight, but we are all pulling and praying for you all

  4. Kristen O'Donnell says:

    Thanks for the update, MaryLou. I’m keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. ariadne says:

    Thank you for the update Mary Lou. Sending strength to Deb to keep boosting those counts sky high. When I go for a walk today, I will channel some sunshine your way. You are in our thoughts and prayers–so much energy being directed your way. You have an amazing support network!


  6. Michele Giglio Uy says:

    Thinking of you every day Deb. Sending you love and prayers. XO

  7. Dear Mary Lou and Deb – Our thoughts are with you. So glad that your white blood cell count went up. Hope it continues and you get stronger. All of our Karma and Positive thoughts are with you with lots of love.

  8. Cindy Winter says:

    Hello Mary Lou, and thank you for the update. Please tell Deb that I am thinking of her every day, and supporting her from the sidelines with all my heart.

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