More Tests Needed

My bone marrow biopsy information came back today, and unfortunately the results were “inconclusive,” so the sample now is going to Stanford for further study, and I need to get additional tests and another biopsy at Stanford next week.  While the results were inconclusive, we did get a lot of information:

1)  The doctors still hope (and there are signs) that there is no leukemia (this reinforces previous tests).  We keep praying for no recurrent leukemia.

2)  There are indications that my donor cells from Mr. International are not producing the amount of healthy blood cells that are needed, which is likely why my counts have dropped.  This can happen in about 4% of bone marrow transplant patients.

3)  If it’s confirmed that I don’t have leukemia, treatments could range from relatively simple outpatient procedures to something more aggressive which would require more stem cells from Mr. International, and I might have to live in the Stanford area again for a few months during treatment and recovery

4)  Currently I am getting injections of a drug called Neupogen that increases white blood cell production, and in some cases this solves the sluggish blood production problem entirely. This is my biggest hope and prayer right now!

5)  If I’m lucky, I can leave the hospital by the end of the week, and then be recovering more fully at home while the doctors finish the diagnosis and plan a treatment.

You can help me by seeing me as fully healthy, and going through this process as quickly, easily and effectively as possible – so I really am fully cured.

When my blood counts first dropped two weeks ago, I was in complete disbelief, as I thought I was already cured.  It has been very difficult for me emotionally and physically to have this setback, and I have been doing a lot of soul searching, and facing death.  In my dream this morning, a light came to me, and I knew that I had to keep going with treatment, stay positive and do everything I can to be cured – no matter what.

Your love, light, thoughts and prayers really help.  Thank you for helping me to stay strong in light of this challenge.

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11 Responses to More Tests Needed

  1. Candace says:

    Praying for you!!


  2. Joanne OCConnor says:

    I just know all will be well!!!! We’ll just storm the heavens. Love, Joanne

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Laura Cohen says:

    Deb – sending warm, healing thoughts your way! My whole family will be praying for you on Thanksgiving – hope you’re home with your loved ones.
    Love, Laura

  4. JoAnn Moreschini says:

    Deb I am sending you buckets of strength, trust, hope and love. I see you healed and pray for you daily. lots of hugs, JoAnn

  5. Brooke says:

    You can do this, Deb. Stay positive and know we are all staying positive and praying for you too. Love, Brooke

  6. Cindy Winter says:

    Hi Deb, if you only knew how many people are pulling for you, you wouldn’t believe it. In my experience, many people don’t know quite what to say at difficult times like these, but believe me, the healing thoughts are out there!!! (Add mine, please.) An enormous mental hug, and love,

  7. Mike Gaspers says:

    Hey Deb,

    Pulling for you always. You’re a winner. Just a setback on the class 1 path to recovery.

    Cheers, Mike Gaspers

  8. Michele Uy says:

    I am so sad about this setback Deb. Please know I am sending you much love, prayers and positivity. I hope you can feel me hugging you.

  9. jward78 says:

    Deb- visualizing you surrounded and supported by healing, glowing lights of love. All our love coming your way- Jane and Steve

  10. Joan gerard says:

    Hoping for the easiest, most effective solution to this current problem, but know that you will
    valiantly face any obstacles to ensure your complete recovery. We are all with you………..

  11. Peter Oppenheimer says:

    Much Love, Deb.

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