Three Thumbs Up!

Three thumbs up-aI heard the absolutely best news ever on Wednesday, June 18 – which was exactly eight months after I was admitted to Kaiser Permanente to start chemo for acute myeloid leukemia.

My Stanford doctor, Robert Lowsky, MD, met with my Mom, Andy and I and relayed that my biopsy showed “NO trace of leukemia!” I don’t have words to describe how relieved I am. My blood counts have all been trending well since my bone marrow transplant in March, but I’m always nervous before I get the results from a biopsy.  I now will get quarterly biopsies, meet with my Stanford doctor once a month, and start appointments again with my Kaiser oncologist next week.

As a double bonus to the amazing clear biopsy news, my Mom, Andy and I drove from Stanford back to Fairfax right after the doctor appointment. After being away from home for 3½ months it was wonderful to drive down my street and walk into my house again. My friend and Reiki teacher, Christopher, who has been staying at my house, made signs that read “Welcome Home Deb,” and we all stayed up celebrating the fantastic news until midnight.

Triple bonus … my doctor said I was close enough to Day +100 and I was doing so well that I could begin a new phase in my recovery which includes not only living at home, but being able to go outside without my mask too!  This is thrilling and I took full advantage of it yesterday as I enjoyed the shade in my backyard, and attended a music jam event in the Fairfax Park at dusk. I am also allowed to go to yoga classes without my mask, as long as it’s not too crowded and I clean my mat well before each practice. I do still have to wear the mask when I go to any hospital or crowded location. I’ll also be back at sweat your prayers, the Sunday Open Floor dance in Sausalito, but I need to wear my mask, gloves and shoes.  My doctor won’t let me go to Ecstatic Dance in Oakland yet – unfortunately 300 people, even with a mask, is just too much risk of infection at this time.

Thank you for all the love and prayers! Each month I go without leukemia brings me closer toward being cured forever which is what I am envisioning and expecting. Onward in my healing toward the cure!

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9 Responses to Three Thumbs Up!

  1. Terry Marran says:

    Deb, you don’t know me from Eve (I’m a friend of your Mom) but I’ve been following your progress and rooting for you! I’m just thrilled about your good — no, GREAT — news! I’m doing mental cartwheels for you!

  2. Mikaela Randolph says:

    Such great news!!! We miss you a ton!!! Wishing fun times in dance and re-entry into a somewhat normal life. Sending big hugs and a heart full of love!!!

  3. Brooke says:

    Such fantastic news! I’m so happy you are home and got such a wonderful report.

  4. marty Martinez says:


  5. Jane Ward says:

    Deb- How wonderful on all accounts! No cancer cells, home again, mask free- so much to be thankful for! Have been following your good progress from London where I’m enjoying time with Jeanie’s newborn niece and our grand-daughter Olivia! What a miracle and wonder!

    Best wishes for continued progress to ever better health! Jane and Steve Ward-Waller

  6. Joe says:


    As I read this post I just kept hearing that saying, “There’s no place like home!” I always feel that way after returning home from a long trip, but I am sure that the feelings I have pale in comparison to your recent experience.

    Welcome home, Deb!!!! Cant wait to see you soon.

  7. Joanne OCConnor says:

    FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! Joanne

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  8. Ted Barber says:

    Praise The Lord!

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  9. Deb – So fantastic !!!! Wow to go back to Fairfax and your house and not have to wear a mask unless crowded. All so fantastic !!! So wonderful that the report shows you completely clear of leukemia and that the bone marrow transplant has taken so well. Wow Modern Medicine and your spirit go well together. Congratulations!!! I know that Tara is so happy for you. Love and health and enjoy.

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