Letting Go of Fear

Deb bald 043014I show this bald photo of me now as a way of releasing fear.  I was so afraid when I was diagnosed with leukemia — Afraid of losing my hair, halting my career, chemo, and especially afraid of dying.  Fear still visits but I’ve learn that much of my healing is about letting go and allowing myself to accept and be transformed.  I feel like a caterpillar in a cocoon waiting to burst forth as a butterfly.  Thank you all for supporting me in this letting go and transformation process.

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10 Responses to Letting Go of Fear

  1. marian houston says:

    You look beautiful — one might even say “you have a lovely skull shape!” Fear is always the great enemy and outsmarting fear is a triumph. Fear is so often worse that whatever it is that we fear. BTW, when a friend’s daughter had chemo and started losing her hair, she shaved it off — as did her mother and husband, so they were ALL bald together! OKAY, Mary Lou, NO, I am not suggesting you do this!

  2. Joe Weiss says:

    I love the picture. You are a beautiful, strong person. I am thankful that we have already known each other for 23 years, but I am more excited about the next 50 years we will be friends here in this world!

  3. Laura Cohen says:

    Deb – i so admire the courage you’ve shown from the beginning of your cancer journey. You inspire us – & we could all use a lesson in letting go of fear and embracing change & uncertainty. Blessings to you, Laura Cohen

  4. Claire says:

    You look great, Deb! All of us on 5 East are sending you healing thoughts and lot’s of love.


  5. Risa Wilkerson says:

    You are beautiful inside and out, Deb, and you’ve always been a brave woman in so many ways. This is just one more way. Keep on with your awesome and positive spirit!

  6. David Burwell says:

    Hi Deb–
    First, you are courageous to let yourself be photographed bald–I won’t! Second, you look terrific and healthy. I go in for my own bone marrow transplant May 10–and you are the pioneer that gives me the courage and conviction that I will get through this ordeal. Well both will. Thanks fr showing the rest of us that even the toughest challenges are only temporary.
    best wishes,
    David Burwell

  7. Ted Barber says:

    Have you gained some strength ?

  8. jward78 says:

    Deb- good for you! and very Brave. You never know what your new self might be like- some grow a entirely new hair type. You are definitely being transformed and transforming all of us who are cheering you (and your MOM!) along the way. Happy May Day!
    Love from the Ward-Wallers

  9. You are wonderful Deb and doing really well. Keep it up and our spirits are soaring for you!

  10. Linda Zink says:

    Proud of you , Deb .. It really is a big step .. Esp if you were/are a hair lover .. Our daughter, Patty lost all her hair during tx for breast cancer … that was Amit’s 13 yrs ago … her hair is still curly & beautiful !! Patty wore a scarf mostly … didn’t like the wig she bought ! Linda Z

    Linda Zink

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