What a difference a week makes!

This is Deb’s Mom again, Mary Lou, and I am happy to say that Deb is improving a little every day.  It’s truly amazing when I think of Deb’s anonymous donor, a 32 year old man from Europe, whose blood-making stem cells have replaced Deb’s and have given her another chance at life.  What a generous gift for him to have given!  Deb’s blood counts have been steadily rising.  Her white cell counts and platelets are now back in the normal range for the first time since she was diagnosed with AML in October, and her hemoglobin is not too far behind.  This is remarkable as her transplant was just four weeks ago, and she was still receiving blood transfusions less than two weeks ago.

Deb is slowly regaining some energy, but still has a lot of fatigue and needs to take frequent naps.  Just going to her outpatient appointments at the hospital is an exhausting process for her.  It takes about four hours, as they draw blood, take her vitals, wait for results, and then come back and discuss her progress with us, adjust medications as needed, and answer our questions.  It takes a long time for the body to recover from the intense treatment received prior to the transplant.  They say it will take about six months for Deb not to feel so tired all the time, and a year or more to recover to the point where she can resume most of her usual activities.  Deb, of course, hopes it will be faster than that!  We are taking short walks daily as gentle exercise is an important part of regaining strength.  Below is a link which discusses recovery in days 30 to 100.


Thanks to all of you for your love and support to Deb and to me too, as her caregiver.  It helps a lot knowing so many people are taking this journey with us.

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6 Responses to What a difference a week makes!

  1. Barbara Murphy says:

    We’re delighted to hear how well Deb is doing! This is Easter Sunday, and everyone is coming this afternoon. We plan to eat about 3:00PM. We will keep praying for you and Deb. We wish you a Happy Easter. Love, Barbara

  2. Joe Weiss says:

    That’s great news! So happy to read this.

    Every journey is a collection of steps taken along the way. The steps taken each day are bringing you closer and closer to the destination… a long, happy, healthy life! You can do it, Deb!!!

    P.S. Thank you so much, Mary Lou, for keeping everyone in the loop. I look forward to reading about the progress with each post.

  3. Brooke says:

    Deb is so blessed to have you there, Mary Lou. It is great to hear her progress in one short week’s time. You are both in my thoughts and prayers often! Praying each week brings its own healing moments (and strength and good health for you as you care for her, Mary Lou).

  4. Jane Ward says:

    Mary Lou and Deb- you are both heroic! So glad to hear of such encouraging daily progress. I’m sure Deb must be way out in front in terms of recovery. Has she tried any meditation tapes to help with relaxation and positive focus? Probably yes, as I know she is a yoga practitioner. The tapes- either guided meditation or relaxing music or nature sounds I believe can encourage relaxation and healing. I’m listening to some on behalf of both of you. Wishing you the best and thanks for the good news! Jane and Steve Ward-Waller

  5. Gail Cheeseman says:

    I also am delighted to read your great update for Deb, Mary Lou! What a mom you are! But you have an amazing daughter to keep alive and it sounds as if she is really kicking now!

  6. So Fantastic !!! Keep going DEB and Mary Lou!!! So amazing!!! Love to you both and Andy and Tara for all their support of wonderful DEB! Lots of love and good spirits to Deb and you all. DOUG

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