Breaking out of the hospital …

Deb and her friend Tara, discharge from Stanford Hospital

Deb and her friend Tara, discharge from Stanford Hospital

I am happy to say that Deb was discharged from Stanford Hospital late Tuesday afternoon.  She was so glad to come to the lovely townhouse we are renting, and not be disturbed with beeps, taking vitals every 4 hours, etc.  Deb is not out of the woods, though, by any means.  We have already been to the outpatient clinic for blood draws early this morning, and she has another appointment this afternoon.  The length of that appointment depends upon whether she needs transfusions, hydration, or anything else.  Deb still has her central catheter in, and that will stay in for the time period we are here.

Deb is very tired, and was asleep again almost as soon as we walked in the door from the blood draw.  She is very weak; she was receiving IV hydration and nutrition for the past couple of weeks, and she now has to intake all of that orally.  She does not have much appetite and her throat still bothers her from the mucositis (sores), so she can only eat very soft foods.  Pray for Deb’s appetite to improve as she needs food to get her strength back again.

Monday and Tuesday were busy days for me as Deb’s caregiver.  I had to learn how to change the catheter dressing and flush the tubes.  We had a discharge meeting with the nurse, a meeting with the physical therapist to go over recommended activity and restrictions, and a meeting with the pharmacist on administering the many medications that Deb is still taking.  I also had to pack and move from the apartment that I was renting to the townhouse (thanks Andy, for your help), and then we had to pack up Deb and move her from the hospital (thanks Andy and Tara).  I couldn’t have done it all myself!

Please keep the prayers and positive energy coming Deb’s way, as she still has a long way to go on the road to recovery.


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12 Responses to Breaking out of the hospital …

  1. Diane humphrey says:

    Fabulous news!! Love to all

  2. Sue & Jim Kelleher says:

    Such great news– our thoughts and prayers are with you all

  3. Joanne OCConnor says:

    I hope Deb will continue to gain her strength and health. How lucky she is to have such a wonderful caregiver. God bless both of you. Joanne

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  4. Joe Weiss says:

    Congratulations, Deb! One more step in the journey back to good health.

    You are in my heart and thoughts daily.

    Peace and healing be with you my friend.

  5. Joan gerard says:

    It is indeed a long road, but thankfully you are on the right path. May God give you strength as you continue your journey to recovery.

  6. marian houston says:

    OF COURSE, she’s weak and tired, and needs your TLC, but how wonderful not to be in an INSTITUTION but in a nice townhouse. Halleluah!

    Now, whether I would call that outfit in the photo a spring fashion statement????

  7. marian houston says:

    YES ! outta there! Hospitals are not good places — we may need them, and be grateful for all they can do for us, but that TOWNHOUSE has gotta be a much better place to be — and get TLC from Marylou and Andy.

    However, I wouldn’t exactly call that outfit in the photo a spring fashion statement ! LOL.

  8. Nancy Weninger says:

    So glad you’re out into a more peaceful environment, Deb. Sink into the rest and let the healing and rebuilding continue. As always, sending love and comfort from the Wednesday sangha.

  9. So glad you are out of the hospital. I see you getting stronger every day. Mouth sores healing. you’re getting hungry and eating bountiful nutritious food. Inanna returns from the underworld

  10. Lydia Voigt says:

    I. Know this is still very difficult for you each day. There is progress and thank our dear Lord for that. I just hope the mouth sores will disappear soon soon. I know Deb needs all the nutrition that she can get . Take care and always much love, Lydia

  11. Great photo of Deb with Tara. You care givers are amazing. Mary Lou, Tara and Andy you are all fantastic. Deb you are fantastic!!! Keep getting stronger and we all look forward to regaining full health. Power of our spirit. Love and strength. DOUG

  12. Linda Zink says:

    SUCH good news !!!

    Linda Zink

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