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March 19 – Deb’s new birthday

March 19 is Day 0, which is often referred to as a new birthday for bone marrow transplant patients.  All that we know about Deb’s donor is that he is 32, a male, and international.  Well, I guess we do … Continue reading

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2nd Chemo Drug and Clinical Trial for GVHD

On Sunday Deb began to receive her second chemo drug, Cytoxan, which is given on Day -3 and Day -2.  This is a strong chemo drug, and Deb was feeling tired and out of it all day.  Saturday we took … Continue reading

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Day Minus 4 (Day -4)

The day Deb receives her stem cell transplant is referred to as Day Zero (Day 0).  The days prior to Day 0 are “minus” days, and these are the days when the preparative regimen is given to prepare the body … Continue reading

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Moving Day

Hi, this is Mary Lou (Deb’s Mom).  Yesterday Deb and I moved out of the hotel where we stayed for Deb’s outpatient procedures.  Deb was admitted to the hospital, and I have rented an apartment in the HOME Apartments, which … Continue reading

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We’re Here: Chemo Starts Tomorrow

After thinking for months about the day I would be admitted to the Stanford Cancer Center for my bone marrow transplant, it has finally arrived!  I feel as if I’m going on a long journey into the unknown, and I … Continue reading

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Stanford Cancer Center – Prologue

Deb and I spent Wednesday and Thursday at Stanford Cancer Center for pre-admission appointments.  Deb and Andy had been here several times already, but this was my first visit, and my first opportunity to meet Deb’s bone marrow transplant doctor, … Continue reading

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The next part of the journey begins

Hi everyone, this is Mary Lou (Deb’s Mom), and I’ll be writing most of the health updates.  We appreciate all the love and support you have given Deb so far, and know that it will continue through her bone marrow … Continue reading

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