Day +11 (Sunday)

Despite the pain and other side effects that Deb has suffered, the doctors and nurses continue to tell us that she is doing really well.  The side effects are to be expected, and mean that the treatments are working as they should.  So side effects are good, in an odd sort of a way.  Complications are not good, and so far Deb has not had any real complications, such as high fever, pneumonia or other infections.  When Deb spiked her first fever, they took blood cultures, urine culture and a chest x-ray, and all came back negative.  Her fever responded to the Tylenol and went down, and while it’s up and down a bit each day, it is not at a dangerous level.  Her blood pressure and other vital signs remain in normal ranges.  So we have many things to be thankful for.  In December, after Deb’s second chemo treatment, she ended up in ICU with a skin infection and pneumonia, and that was very scary.  We hope and pray that she will avoid anything like that happening again.

Even though Deb is doing well from a medical standpoint, it was a tough weekend for her with the mouth and throat pain, two platelet transfusions and one red blood cell transfusion.  Deb also has had some breathing problems as she has chronic asthma, so she is receiving treatments for that too.  She probably will not be able to eat for several more days, but she did get her voice back, although they want her to rest it as much as possible.

Today Deb had her fourth and last dose of Methotrexate, one of the drugs given to help prevent Graft vs Host Disease.  Methotrexate causes mouth sores, so we’re glad that is over with, and she should be able to start healing soon.  We are now waiting for engraftment, which is when the stem cells she received from her donor start growing and developing, and her bone marrow and immune system begin to recover.  Signs of engraftment usually appear about 2 to 3 weeks after the transplant.  The first sign is a rising white blood count.  The doctors say that once Deb’s immune system starts to recover, her condition will improve rather quickly.

Thanks to you all for your prayers and messages of support and love.

Mary Lou

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9 Responses to Day +11 (Sunday)

  1. Stephanie says:

    So great to hear of Deb’s progress!
    You are both in in our prayers.
    Stephanie, Bob, James & Sophia

  2. Ellen & Gary says:

    Praying that everything gets better from this point forward. Sending you all our love.

  3. Diane humphrey says:

    So glad for your updates everyday. I am sure this is the hardest thing you and deb ever had to go through. you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I just know she is going to be fine with all these people pulling for her. I left you a message on your phone so if you want to talk just call

  4. Sue & Jim Kelleher says:

    Thank you Mary Lou for the updates, we check them daily. You both are in our prayers.

  5. Lindsay Wood says:

    Deb I hope you got my two pictures of Pillows for deb mini fundraiser I hosted on Sunday after the 11:00 sweat. There were about 7 pillows sold and Christopher has two of them. It was so wonderful for me to share my talents of creating and sewing and to gift you all the proceeds of $227. I look forward to bringing my machine down to PA so we can make some pillows together >:) PS I also sent you some awesome fire to your spirit during the chaos part of the was a great song and I truly felt you and sent you some seriously good firey waves of intentions to help lift you through this process of healing….love Lindsay

  6. Lydia Voigt says:

    Oh dear, my heart goes out to you and Deb. Even though the doctors say all is good I feel so badly with all the bad side effects. I pray pray and pray for all to be normal. We had a pretty day today for once. Keep the reports coming asI am so interested. Much love Lydia

  7. Linda Presley says:

    Mary Lou, this last report shows us just how strong Deb is. I’m so proud of both of you!! There is nothing harder in this world then seeing your loved one struggle. You are her angel right now. What a wonderful job you are doing.
    As for DEB 🙂 You my sweet one are a pillar of strength…that rainbow is in site. Please don’t forget the mind games. Go to that special place and envision all the cool things you love. Do the mind work and it will help so much!! Love you, Cousin Linda

  8. Thanks for the updates, Mary Lou. It helps to hear news as I keep her in my daily thoughts and prayers.

  9. Thank you for the excellent report on Deb. We pray for her and wish her all the best. Glad she is doing well but so sorry she has to go through so much pain. She is a very special person and we send her the very best Karma and Love that we can. Doug and Gail

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