Being cured from acute myeloid leukemia

Please join me in putting energy into my intention (detailed below) for being cured from acute myeloid leukemia. On Wednesday, March 19 at about 12-Noon PDT, I will be receiving a bone marrow (stem cell) transplant at the Stanford Cancer Center Hospital (for 1-2 hours) to cure me of leukemia forever. I have put my intention in the present tense to activate the law of attraction.

Deborah Hubsmith’s intention: I am fully and completely cured of acute myeloid leukemia forever. I have healed from everything that holds me back and/or creates illness — quickly. I am living a long, happy, healthy life with Andy Peri — my love, my sweetie, my partner. My stem cell donor is my perfect match and his cells love working with my cells, joints, full body and organs. The transplant is exquisitely successful. I manifest key soul lessons through this experience, and I continually maintain a healthy mind, body, and soul, in collaboration with Spirit and others. I live love, and I help inspire other people and deep healing on this planet from a sustainable place of being. Blessed be. And so it is.

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