March 19 – Deb’s new birthday

March 19 is Day 0, which is often referred to as a new birthday for bone marrow transplant patients.  All that we know about Deb’s donor is that he is 32, a male, and international.  Well, I guess we do know a little more about him … we know that he is a generous, unselfish individual, to give the gift of life to someone he doesn’t even know.

The infusion is expected to start around noon and take 1 to 2 hours.  The stem cells are given through Deb’s IV catheter and infused into her bloodstream, where they will eventually make their way into her bone marrow.

Deb has a very positive attitude, is eager and optimistic, and believes she will be cured by this miraculous gift from a stranger.  Please keep Deb in your thoughts, prayers and hearts on Wednesday as she receives her new stem cells.

Mary Lou

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7 Responses to March 19 – Deb’s new birthday

  1. I’ve been thinking about you all day, sending all the positive support you deserve, joining with you in your intention. All goodness and love to you.

  2. Jane Ward says:

    Love and healing energy coming your way from prayer chains in New Jersey, Washington DC, Florida and Texas. We are sending good vibrations to your new healthy blood cells so they will find their way to your bone marrow and get to work! Best wishes from the Ward-Wallers! Jane Ward

  3. Beth Richards says:

    Holding you in a positive healing light and ready for the new Deb with even more energy!

  4. Lydia Voigt says:

    Bless her and you as I am with you all day! My prayers are constant as are my thoughts. Lydia

  5. Linda Presley says:

    Happy Birthday Sunshine. Today is the first day of your new life! As with anything worthwhile in the world…,you start on the bottom and work up^…there are going to be challenges along the way and times you think this can’t work out. You are ready, strong and deserving of this NEW life. Don’t let ANYTHING get in the way to change your path. At the lowest and worst point you will see the vision of what’s to come. GO GET IT Girl !! We are all here for you. The amount of energy coming to you is unmeasurable! Use it to your advantage. You are loved by so many and we will all meet you at the end of the rainbow to help celebrate. Stay the course Deb. I love you, Linda 🙂

  6. Michele Uy says:

    Positive thoughts and much love, hugs and prayers for you Deb. I’ll be thinking of you all day. XO

  7. Joan Gerard says:

    We are with you and praying for Deb’s complete recovery. Happy,healthy birthday, Deb. love, Joan

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