Going To Stanford for a BMT

Aloha friends. My doctors at Kaiser Permanente and Stanford Cancer Center have determined that the next phase of my treatment to CURE me from acute myeloid leukemia will be a bone marrow transplant (also called a stem cell transplant). The doctors have a donor lined up, and the transplant is scheduled to take place in March at Stanford — I will be living in the Palo Alto area for 3-4 months with my Mom as I recover.

The transplant is a procedure which requires getting the “perfect match” in a donor (unrelated to me) – please pray that my donor is THE perfect match. This is an ultimate act of faith – to receive new blood from another so I can live a healthy life. I will receive very intense chemo for 6 days to wipe out what remains of my bone marrow, and then Stanford will transplant the donor cells. We need the donor cells to “recognize” and LOVE my body and organs so I don’t develop graft versus host disease. Ultimately I will take on the blood type and immune system of the donor. I have gone through a lot of fear about this as it’s a huge deal, but now I am optimistic and I know that this procedure is needed to cure me.

I will be taking all of 2014 off from work to heal, recover and regain my energy – my colleagues at Safe Routes to School National Partnership are continuing to rock it. I will be launching a public personal blog in early March before I go to Stanford and my Mom will be putting regular health updates about my progress on the blog, so you’ll be able to follow my journey. Andy is building the blog and will be with us a lot at Stanford too — I am so grateful for this support and love.

I also have amazing gratitude for all of the love that I’ve been receiving through my FB pals through your prayers and positive energy (you’re the best!) – I will need a lot more of that good energy coming for this bone marrow transplant and recovery so thanks in advance – everything I’ve done for treatment until now was to get me into remission to prepare for the transplant. In the meantime, I should be home later next week for about 2 weeks before I head to Stanford, so I hope to see some of you on the dance floor!

Thank you for being “with me” in spirit on this unexpected journey to recover from a serious blood cancer. Your support really does help – I feel it. I will get through this and I envision myself healthier than ever later this year…

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4 Responses to Going To Stanford for a BMT

  1. Kia says:

    Deb, you are simply amazing….you are a gift to the world and this chapter in your life will only bring you the fruit of joy, love, peace and more faith…blessings!!

  2. jamie bussel says:

    Deb, you are close in my heart, thoughts and prayers. Your beautiful spirit; energy; huge heart; and the immense love that surrounds you will carry you through this. I wish you strength and peace as you begin this next phase of your journey towards full recovery!!! With love, Jamie

  3. Rob Appleton says:

    Deb, I know you will beat this cancer. After 15 years of fighting a malignant Astrocytoma Brain Tumor with seizures i know how difficult it can be. On experimental Chemo now and a 3 different anti-seizures medications, plus numerous more. We are in the fight for our lives, so keep up the fight and NEVER GIVE UP…. NEVER.
    Love Rob

  4. Joan Kirsner says:

    Deb, You have touched many lives with your energy, dedication, and passion. You are in my thoughts for all good things going forward. Love, Joan Kirsner

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